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monCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 / 4S Case
Product ID:  IC-003
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MonCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 / 4S Case

Full Description

The HoverCoat carbon fiber iPhone 4 / 4S case is tailor-made for its elite users to stand out in the crowd of boring plastic or leather accessories.  This case is made from the same material used in aerospace as well as some of the worlds most powerful exotic cars; carbon fiber.


  • Elegant, rich minimalism ensures subtle statement while complimenting the iPhone 4 / 4S’s beauty
  • Virtually weightless case that only increases iPhone weight factor by 5.8%
  • Available in two finishes, midnight black (glossy) and mystery black (semi-gloss scratch resistant).
  • Design assists in prevention of antenna interference
  • UV resistant feature prevents discoloration under sunlight
  • Intelligent design offers complete access to all of the iPhone 4 / 4S controls
  • Precision engineering provides high tensile strength and long-lasting durability more than the properties of steel
  • Compatible with GSM and CMDA iPhone 4 / 4S
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