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Ion Predator Zero Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 / 4S Case
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Ion Predator Zero Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 / 4S Case

Full Description

The Predator Zero is the next generation in the Predator series of iPhone 4 / 4S cases.  A number of improvements have been made over the previous Stealth Predator case.  Most importantly, the case itself is now reinforced and uses a new elastic formula polycarbonate plastic.  In English, it’s much more durable and will not crack.  The cutout for the camera is now improved and does not interfere with the flash.  Speaking of interference, the case is designed to keep your signal strong and will not drop bars like other cases.

The case is available in 7 exquisite finishes.  To further enhance the case, real carbon fiber is applied to the entire back as well as most of the sides of the case for an impressive contrast.  The interior is padded to ensure your iPhone 4 / 4S is even further protected.


  • Real carbon fiber on the entire back and sides of the case
  • The shell is made from a durable elastic formula polycarbonate
  • Available in 7 finishes: Gunmetal, silver, gold, copper, cobalt blue, violet, and pink
  • Slim profile does not add much bulk to the phone
  • Provides zero signal interruption
  • Cleaning cloth and anti-glare screen protector included
  • Compatible with GSM and CMDA iPhone 4 / 4S
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